Why Youtube?

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So I dont think I have ever really mentioned, “Why Youtube? ” so here goes,

I have been watching YouTube since time began, well actually since probably 2008 when Juicystar07 wasn’t Β a millionaire, Dulce Candy was in the Army and Lollypop26 still made videos. My addiction to YouTube was completely accidental I had only ever seen it as a website where you watched music videos I never realised it was so much more!

Gradually I moved away from the American “gurus” it was not a conscious thing but I felt myself striving to look for someone or a group of people who I related to more. This is the point I discovered BeautyCrush. I realise people without much interest in the YouTube beauty and fashion community wont really know or understand this so I wont go on much more about who inspired me.

So why me?

I decided after an unsuccessful attempt at getting onto my degree of choice (fashion management) that I would put the year to good use, I started a foundation art course to pass the time but to also further expand my knowledge, doing the course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. ( more info coming in a post very soon!) As well as the foundation course I decided to bite the bullet and try to do something I had really been interested in for so long


Once I had decided I wanted to go for it I created my online “persona” I don’t mean an attitude I have in videos I mean my username and “look”. Gingersnapsvintage just seemed to fit. I am ginger. I love vintage SIMPLES! I started creating videos on my semi decent ( for its time) camera. I pretended that I was doing the video for hundreds of subscribers I had this faux confidence that really wasn’t there at all.

It would take many many months for me to even begin to attract subscribers. I know to other people this is the be all and end all of being on YouTube, subscribers, freebies and being paid but for me it was and always will be just a hobby. Something which when I was involved in a bad traffic accident became a means of escape. I have only recently got into semi editing my videos. I still have so much to learn but the most crucial thing it has taught me is to just be T-J. I occasionally swear, I say stupid things, I like what I like and that is ok . It is ok to enjoy wearing crazy shoes, it is ok to dye my hair every week , its 100% ok to be me!

Enough with the deep corny stuff I have included my channel intro which I recently created to quickly show you what to expect from Gingersnapsvintage, so I hope you enjoy it Β and remember JUST BE YOU!



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