Inspiration: Zara


For a crucial part of my design and conceptualisation class we have to focus onto one specific store that we feel we could sell our capsule collection to. I have always kept to the same style of fashion, for me personally when I am designing I prefer to keep it very minimal and simplistic with a muted pattern or texture.

Therefore when deciding on where I could see my products for me I have two clear choices

1/ Zara

2/ &other stories

Personally for me Zara won out because I love their ability to translate catwalk to high street and I just feel that their approach to outfitting is very similar to my own, &otherstories also has a similar concept and I don’t doubt that in the future I will be using them for a project

I will leave you with some of my favourite images from both the Zara lookbook but also the online style profiles..

.1311119000_1_1_1_web 1311152000_1_1_1_web 1310014000_1_1_1_web 1310007000_1_1_1_web 1310005000_1_1_1_web 1309025000_1_1_1_web 1309023000_1_1_1_web 1309018000_1_1_1_web 1309012000_1_1_1_web 1309008000_1_1_1_web

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