WCW: Nadia Aboulhosn

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This weeks WCW is American Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn. Now not only is she absolutely stunning but she is making steps into bridging the divide between curvy and High fashion.

Indulge me briefly because this is a topic that for me brings up very strong feelings but as a plus size gal myself I love seeing girls online that I can relate to. I have been looking at fashion books, magazines, blogs, vlogs etc since I was young. I have always drawn a lot of inspiration from what I see in magazines but it is only in the last few years that I have started to see relatable girls, girls that I can look at and know that I could achieve that look, bloggers like Nadia and Fashion Hayley have influenced me now for a long time.

Here is another rant I have to make, the portrayal of Plus-size. Recently British chain Debenhams where praised at producing an advertisement and lookbook campaign that featured “alternative models” what I mean by this is women and men that you wouldn’t ordinarily see gracing the cover of a magazine or modelling for a big brand however although this is a great step forward part of me doesn’t understand the inclusion of plus-size with disabilities. I don’t want to come across in a derogatory way however I don’t believe being plus-size is a disability or a disadvantage.


See the images here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/04/15/debenhams-look-book-plus-size-models-paralympian_n_3083547.html

To me placing a plus-size in this campaign only further shows that it is something that isn’t “normal” or isn’t socially acceptable, I understand the other argument that shows that the campaign featured, plus-size, disabled, black and models from other minorities and it did do a good job raising these profiles so I do see that it was necessary and effective. It goes along way in promoting body positivity and showing society that Plus-size isn’t always unhealthy or unfit you aren’t automatically unhealthy if you are bigger but before I ramble on much longer I will save the rest of my rant for another time ( it is possibly the focus for my dissertation next year)

To go back to the initial point of this post Nadia, she is an American blogger and model who’s blog has raised her to a level of fame which has seen her teaming up with Elle magazine for a model competition. She is my WCW because of her promotion of BP messages ( Body positive) she dresses how she wants and doesn’t let our sizest society dictate her clothing.

But anyways I feel liked I have ranted on for much to long and I will leave you with some beautiful images from her blog, if you haven’t already I strongly suggest that you take a peak you wont be sorry!

View her blog here:       http://www.nadiaaboulhosn.com

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WCW: Leandra Medine


#WCW (women crush Wednesday)  is something which I think is just an Instagram and twitter thing but I want to write a little bit about my latest style icon. Leandra or as I first discovered her “the Man Repeller” is a New York fashion blogger. I have been a reader on and off of her blog for about a year now after discovering her through one of my favourite websites stylelikeu


I think what appeals to me most about Leandra is her fearlessness  and her willingness to tackle nearly every trend. A few of my person favourite outfits from hers include:

the man repeller2 manrepeller-party-fr04 MAN-REPELLER-LEANDRA-MEDINE-STREET-STYLE-MANGO blogger-leandra-medine-nyfw tumblr_lzicq6Jm4c1qfyjoto1_400

I also believe my recent love of all things outerwear has come from her blog, most recently this amazing rag and bone piece (pictured below) inspired my own purchase of the river island camo coat Untitled


( quick selfie this morning in the loos- classy right?)

So if you like me are into your street style or just want a new read to get you through some assignments I urge you to have a wee look