A brief explaination



So what is going on you might ask, why are the posts that lived on GingersnapsVintage suddenly here. Well in short I have migrated back the the old GSV but made it look and feel exactly how I was aiming to have ByTaylorjayne feel.

the short reason is I missed it here. 

I put a heck of a lot of time and effort into the posts that I created for this blog and leaving them honestly was difficult and having thought about it for several weeks I knew this was the right move for me. Truthfully if I knew before how to change the domain name I would have never started  a new page because it is all here. I wrote posts over the last few years that helped me grow so much as a person I knew I couldn’t feel my best just abandoning that part of my life. As much I want to leave GSV behind because it doesn’t fit for me anymore there are still pieces that I created that I want to have close.

Due to my own lack of knowledge I stupidly deleted all the posts from the new page before having a chance to get them over here which is why there is a bulk of three posts going up together but after this I hope that I can move forward happier with the decision that I am making for my future..

so stayed tuned because Bytaylorjayne has only just started !


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