STYLED: the definition of art

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“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.”
Banksy, Wall and Piece

Location: The MAC gallery / St Anne’s square


When I have a day off I love nothing more than going out and exploring. anyone who knows me in real life knows I cannot sit still and I defiantly don’t like to be doing nothing with my time so I decided to drag mum out and head down the the MAC. What I love about the MAC apart from the galleries within it is the location. It is my favorite part of Belfast because I could just spend hours walking around the streets looking at all the graffiti. I love spending any free time I can doing this and sometimes I even go into the MAC itself to see what exhibitions are currently running.



Something that has always appealed to me having spent the majority of my education focusing on art to some degree whether it was at GSCE or A level, an art foundation course or my Fashion degree is the definition of what we actually class as art.

I spent the day in a gallery and also in the biggest gallery of all, the streets. I have used graffiti in alot of projects so perhaps I do have a biased opinion because I love it so much but it is such a public way to access art, you just have to walk around and you will understand someones opinions, beliefs, loves and hates so directly. If it was up to me I would spend all my time walking, reading and learning how people feel.





Khaki Coat- Tesco

Pink high neck top- Primark

IRON MAIDEN top- Primark Mens

Ripped Boyfriend jeans- ASOS curve ( heavily customised by me!)

Tights- Primark

Black Brogues- Stradivarius

Backpack- Primark

Pom Poms keyrings – Stradivarius


GingerSnapsCollege: Final Chapter

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On Monday 9th November 2015 I Graduated with a 2:1 Bsc Hons Fashion Management. I decided to share my graduation photos with you guys as I used my blog for the last three years to document my degree. It was a tough three years and as much as I did enjoy the degree I am so relieved to say it is all behind me. Alot of sleepless nights, haribo and takeaways where the only thing to get me through the final part, it was difficult, not impossible and I did it. My family and friends were the greatest strength getting me through my degree and I was so happy to have my whole family with me on the day. 

I have to say a massive thank you to my little brother who turned photographer for the day and created some beautiful memories from the day, it may have been cold and damp all day but we still had a brilliant time. 




My brother


My mother


My father


My sister




Dress- Evans Last year

Bag- Primark

Boots- New Look last year

Glitter socks- Primark 

Until next time…T-J xo

Paris is always a good idea | Part One

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So my trip may have been in February, early February at that I am only just now getting around posting up my photos but that kind of explains how manic everything was post Paris, I went with my class for three days with the primary focus being on attending Premier Vision, a fashion exhibition where companies can sell to designers etc. We went on the student day which I think was Wednesday, if you are a student go on this day as you pay a reduced rate for entry. To sum up my trip as a whole would be difficult on one hand Paris is a beautiful city, exploring the streets for two days was my favourite part myself and the two girls I was exploring with decided not to use up time by going into the Louvre or the other indoor experiences but instead to invest our time in exploring the streets. We did of course visit the Eiffel Tower because I had never been and it was something to tick off my list but the queues where crazy so instead of going up the tower with further explored the city.

One thing that I wasn’t overall aware of before I went was just how poor a city Paris is and how many street scams there are around. One top tip I could give would be to keep your wits about you and do not fall into these tourist traps, I myself ended up having to give one man around fourteen euro because he had grabbed my wrist to make a bracelet onto my wrist and wouldn’t let go. It can be scary so just make sure that you are not travelling alone and that you do not stop or interact with people who you can see trying to pull a scam, I don’t want to put anyone off of visiting Paris and I myself would go back again I just wish I had done more research before I had gone to ensure that I wouldn’t fall for street scams. The scams where mainly in tourist hot spots, it was at Sacre Couer that the bracelet incident happened to me. Just make sure that you stay together and you will have a great time.

Transport is pretty easy in Paris we ended up using the Metro trains to get around, they work on the same principle as the London Underground and don’t take too long to get used to. It is a pretty inexpensive system and we ended up purchasing day tickets for around twenty euros which helped seeing as our accommodation was about an hour outside of Paris. Taxis are also pretty efficient in Paris however they can be quite expensive so I would only recommend them if you are travelling as a group of about 6 because they will charge for each piece of luggage and person after a certain number which would make a half an hour journey for six people about sixty euro but if you need to get back to your hotel late at night then I would recommend using the taxis. Luckily the night we decided to go onto the Champs Elysees we were heading back in time to make the last train to CDG airport which was close to our hotel.

The food in Paris ( excluding our hotel but that is the rant I am saving for the next section) was amazing, as a cheese obsessive I didn’t eat a meal for three days that didn’t include some form of cheese, the food we found was mostly inexpensive but we were just trying to budget. On the night we went to the Champs Elysees for dinner we found a nautical themed restaurant which despite the location cost us about twenty euro for dinner, that was however just a main course and drink but we had budgeted to have one “fancy dinner” during our time in Paris. What I will say that from the expierence at this particular restaurant it was clear that the waiters work almost against each other to bring in people and where ever you our sitting depends on which waiter gets the tips. This became obvious when the waiter who greeted us at the door encouraged us to wait for a table to empty whilst the whole back of the restaurant was empty, when it became clear this was for his benefit we insisted to sit at the back much to his protest. Again I am not trying to point out the flaws but I do feel like I want to create an honest account of my time so that you guys if you are wanting to go to Paris are totally aware of what to expect. A final note is that if you are over the legal drinking age and like wine then the cheap bottles of four euro rose are the way to go!

Accommodation, now my personal expierence was pretty terrible as far as accommodation went but that was pretty much entirely to blame for the fact that our trip was booked through our college and they went for cheap and close to the exhibition space instead of seeing that we would have two days that weren’t anything to do with the exhibition. We were staying roughly an hour from central Paris which was a total pain when it came to going out and about because you had to allow so much time to get anywhere. The hotel itself was more of an apartment complex and what we were told were 4 bedroom apartments where actually four bed apartments meaning a double bed which could be spilt into two singles and a double bed. We were sharing with friends but even so it was alot of deal with after a very stressful first day in the city.

One key element would be to go with a group of friends, I previously mentioned that the purpose of my trip was for one of my college classes so we went as a class. This to be honest was more of an issue because it meant travelling in a large group which is difficult if you are in a new city because trying to learn new travel systems is stressful enough without having to stick with twenty other people doing the same thing. we ended up getting people physically trapped in metro doors on day one because the stop time is very quick on the metro. We ended up spending the majority of the trip in much smaller groups after this because it meant we could explore without being restricted. One major recommendation I would have is when you are away creating a whatsapp group or some other messenger group which meant that we could all keep in touch even if we were all in different areas of the city and also to check in with our tutors in the evening to let them know we were back in the hotel.

To summarise this rather oversized post ( don’t worry the next post will be all my photos) I loved Paris but I do wish I was better planned with regards to working out exactly where to go on each day so minimise time wasting, however in regards to that one of the best pieces of advice we got was from the receptionist in our hotel who spent a good half an hour with us planning where to go and in what order which on our last day meant we got so much done because we had a system in place. Hope you guys found this post interesting/ helpful.

Until next time…T-J xo



One Week in my Wardrobe /// Part One

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Now that I am officially finished my degree I am pretty much working full time. I left my old job at the end of March and started working for Evans Clothing which is pretty much my dream retail post. I get to work with customers on a more personal level now that I am becoming an in-store personal stylist which is really exciting. Now that I am pretty much working full time I am making more of an effort with how I dress, finishing a degree was a blur of leggings and oversized jumpers so now with the weather supposedly getting better and summer being around the corner ( although in Northern Ireland I dont even think we have had a proper Spring yet!) I am trying to dress a it more summery.

If you are on my Instagram, INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG HERE then you will know that these outfits are not technically one week in my wardrobe but they do represent my current go to looks. I am favouring dresses at the minute which is something I never ever though I would say but after discovering the smock dress shape I have been hooked. I am trying to make a promise to myself to shop my closet more than I shop the high-street because I have a tonne of clothes that never get to see the light of day which is so wasteful. Because I am working long days I find it really important that I am comfortable so I am still loving layering dresses with leggings.




This New Look Dress was a sale bargain that I picked up for a fiver a few weeks ago and it and quickly become my favourite wardrobe staple. It has a mesh panel at the bust and is cut beautifully and really flattering on my shape. The coat was a mega bargain £2 in Primark it is a mesh material and the shape is great. The boots again are a New Look sale bargain from last January, real leather for £6 ! Total outfit costing only £16 ( minus my undies!)



Tuesday is another Bargain day, I am a rather savvy shopper and can usually find alot of bargains when I go shopping again this Neoprene Trench was £2 in Primark, the dress is very old New Look sale and I think it cost me about £6 or £7. The shoes are new season Evans and they are called the Fern sandal, they are slightly plat-formed and have a brown strap and a black strap making them great for going with pretty much any outfit. and despite the picture I am not quite at the point of total leg exposure just yet!



A more casual outfit typical of what I wear on my days off, the amazing sporty bomber jacket was a total bargain at £7.50 from one of my favourite Vintage Shops, The Rusty Zip  which was rumoured to be closing but luckily is staying open. The jeggings and black shirt are both New Look, can you spot a trend in my shopping habits 🙂 The trainers are the Woven Roshe Runs from Nike aka my comfy unicorn shoes, I also have them in grey and literally live in them.



One of my braver looks is my matching two piece from Evans last year, this outfit featured heavily in their spring summer 14 campaign and I decided it was going to be my brave girl piece. I am wearing it for the purposes of travelling to work in my Grey Roshe Runs but in work I wore it with my chunky white flatform sandals, I feel like this look needs strong slightly higher shoe to take it out of pyjama chic territory.



One of my all time favourite wardrobe staples is this monochrome checked smock dress from the Evans sale last year, it is the right shape for my body and I love the vintage vibes it gives when its mixed with my new ASOS specs. The TUK creepers give it a more grungey edge which we all know it my favourite style.



no your eyes are not playing tricks with you I loved the smock dress so much I bought both colour options. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this I think about 40% of my wardrobe is duplicates in different colours, I find that if I like one style I will buy all the options I can find. The amazing jelly wedges are a recent Primark Pick up and I am totally obsessed with them, they are high and comfortable and I am trying to base my graduation outfit around them



Another wardrobe favourite of mine is this mega oversized ASOS curve cold shoulder smock number, I picked it up on ebay for about £4 all in. I though it was actually 3 sizes smaller when I bought it, teaches me for not wearing my specs, but I instantly fell in love with its oversized ness when it arrived. Just styled very simply with a mesh grey top, just to add sleeves, fishnet socks and my New balance trainers.

I hope you guys like this type of post I am hoping to do it more regularly as I try to take my outfit pic at least a couple of times a week weather permitting

Until next time…. T-J xo

OOTD: Printed Co-ord

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“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”
  Steve Maraboli



Kimono- Evans  £35

Trousers- Evans  £29.50

T-shirt- New Look  £7.99

Necklace- Miss Selfridge (cannot find link)   £5.50 SALE

Boots- New Look ( from last year) £7 SALE 

I decided today to challenge myself to style up this amazing co-ord set that I picked up from Evans about two weeks ago. As someone who is scared of colour this may seem like  a crazy choice but I have been after a matching set for a while now. I saw this Kimono advertised in a magazine and decided to try and find it in-store, that’s where I saw the trousers and thought this would be the perfect time to try the co-ord trend. I love the shaping of the trousers they are slimmer leg but because I bought a couple of sizes bigger than I am they aren’t as tight as they should be but this is a deliberate choice because I wanted them to be a more relaxed fit. I think with the shape of this set there is a danger to it looking pyjama like so I teamed it with the heeled New Look boots to balance out the casual and dressy vibes.





What do you guys think? would you try the matchy matchy trend. I also shot a more wearable version of this outfit just using the trousers which will be up later in the week

Until next time… T-j xo

Feeling Inspired: Ginger and Rosa

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For being someone who would class themselves as rather internet savvy it is only in the last two months that I discovered Netflix.Last night I was browsing through and discovered Ginger and Rosa, a Sally Potter movie released in 2012 which at the time I do remember seeing the trailers but it didn’t appear in any local cinemas and went to the back of my mind. I have included the trailer below and I urge you to watch it before continuing with the post so that the rest makes sense.

So naturally as you hopefully see from the trailer, this movie is visually amazing. As someone who is very into the visuals in cinematography this movie really caught my attention. Everything from the costuming, set designs and character depictions was for me breathtaking. I thought the movie was cast beautifully, I cannot wait to see Elle Fanning grow and develop into an adult because seeing as she was a 13 year old American during the filming , the fact that she was totally believable as a 17 year old English girl living post Hiroshima Ban the Bomb times.


The main focus of the film for me of course being that as I am a fashion student was the costuming, as soon as I saw Ginger and Rosa’s first matching outfits I was almost transfixed. Once I had watched the movie ( it is under 2 hours and a very easy watch) I immediately picked up my Fashionary and began to sketch.

a194288f-bd9b-4da7-96aa-46f1672b1311 1940156_10202210156548041_1953064703_n

One of the key items featured throughout the movie is the duffle coat. Both girls throughout up until a point dress pretty much identically and they both sport oversized long wool parkas, something which actually this last A/W 13 was a huge trend and continues into the new year. It is one of those staple pieces that we all should have in our wardrobes.



The oversized shirt , probably a men’s shirt which features heavily throughout.

54bfdb92-15ef-40f2-b596-37536023b206 4 986756_10202210157988077_1029422651_n

I love the connection that is made through the very obvious similarities that are made between Natalie, Ginger’s mother played by the very so fabulous Christina Hendricks and Rosa Ginger’s best friend played by the up and coming Alice Englert.

1960406_10202210157188057_1388398635_n 1964735_10202210158748096_654749155_n 1927204_10202210159548116_647290540_n

-Ginger-Rosa-2012-Stills-alice-englert-32604083-2048-1366 BOMB by Sally Potter

986595_10202210162948201_1615859730_n 1957555_10202210154747996_1046637168_n 1964616_10202210155668019_2072133880_n 1964320_10202210160948151_1746504299_n

Overall I would definitely put this movie into my top 20 movies ( I am a bit of a movie addict so I cannot narrow it down to below 20) I really love the characters, the imagery and of course the costuming which was done by Holly Waddington , her first time billed as costume designer.

I would love to know what inspires you, when was the last time you watched a movie that got you very inspired to be creative or to just think about something which ordinarily never crosses your mind.

Check out reviews and plot outlines on IMDB:

In love with: Ashish Fall 2014

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If you are into your fashion as much as I am you are totally aware that it is fashion season with all the designers and fashion houses showing their Fall 2014 collections worldwide. At the minute the worlds attention is on London, I was looking forward particulary to one show Ashish. Ashish is a London based designer whos work usually involves alot of sequins.

I have included the show video from Topshop’s youtube and I urge you to watch the show there because from the photographs its hard to get the full concept of the show.

To sum up the looks in 5 words:

1. Prom Queen

2. Grunge denim

3. Japanese Kawaii


5. Alien lights


I need everything from this collection however the buffalo light up shoes are a personal favourite, here are some of my favourite looks, enjoy!

KIM_1869.450x675 KIM_1926.450x675 KIM_1947.450x675

KIM_1984.450x675 KIM_2002.450x675 KIM_2039.450x675


KIM_2057.450x675 KIM_2109.450x675 KIM_2144.450x675

KIM_2267.450x675 KIM_2215.450x675 KIM_1751.450x675


KIM_2322.450x675 KIM_2342.450x675 KIM_1813.450x675

Chloe Norgaard looked like a My Little Pony and I am totally ok with that!

The middle top reads LOVE WILL WIN and with everything featured in the news recently it was a perfect end to the show.



New York Fashion Week: My favourites so far

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Its that time of year again when all the big names and establishing designers launch their new collections, this time round it is the Fall 2014 ready to wear collections. For me I always have a preference to Fall fashion because I am very into layering and more recently big coats. SO far it’s just New York that has began the showcase but already we are seeing a lot of the key trends emerging on the catwalk.

_ARC0019_450x675 _ARC0084_450x675 _ARC0124_450x675 _ARC0211_450x675 _ARC0255_450x675 _ARC0599_450x675 _ARC0604_450x675 _ARC0624_450x675

One of my favourite shows so far was the Alexander Wang show, the only way I can think to describe it is a mix of safari, tech, alien, cowboys vibes which all mashed together just seem to really work.

_ARC0036_450x675 _ARC0085_450x675 _ARC0148_450x675 _ARC0215_450x675 _ARC0252_450x675 _ARC0306_450x675


Another one of my favourites was  the Derek Lam show, what I loved most was his mix of colours and layers. I am a very tactile person and the use of contrasting fabrics in this collection really appeals to my own design ideals.

 YVL_3820_450x675 YVL_3866_450x675 YVL_3937_450x675 YVL_4012_450x675 YVL_4046_450x675 YVL_4086_450x675 YVL_4117_450x675 YVL_4173_450x675

MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela ( its there diffusion line) also showed a really love mix up of textures and fabrics. Also its no secret of my love for a bit of sheer and dark colours which this collection has in leaps and bounds.

Row_001_1366_450x675 Row_007_1366_450x675 Row_010_1366_450x675 Row_011_1366_450x675 Row_014_1366_450x675 Row_019_1366_450x675 Row_021_1366_450x675 Row_028_1366_450x675

Finally for the minute The Row. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have grown up and now produce a series of fashion lines, the most premium of which is The row. I cant help but love the Yeti outfit and the huge coats, perfect for the harsh Northern Ireland weather.

I am looking forward to seeing what else the fashion industry has to offer over the next few weeks. If you want to see all the shows yourself head on over to:

for full catwalk rundowns, detail photos and FROW celebrity spottings

WCW: Nadia Aboulhosn

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This weeks WCW is American Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn. Now not only is she absolutely stunning but she is making steps into bridging the divide between curvy and High fashion.

Indulge me briefly because this is a topic that for me brings up very strong feelings but as a plus size gal myself I love seeing girls online that I can relate to. I have been looking at fashion books, magazines, blogs, vlogs etc since I was young. I have always drawn a lot of inspiration from what I see in magazines but it is only in the last few years that I have started to see relatable girls, girls that I can look at and know that I could achieve that look, bloggers like Nadia and Fashion Hayley have influenced me now for a long time.

Here is another rant I have to make, the portrayal of Plus-size. Recently British chain Debenhams where praised at producing an advertisement and lookbook campaign that featured “alternative models” what I mean by this is women and men that you wouldn’t ordinarily see gracing the cover of a magazine or modelling for a big brand however although this is a great step forward part of me doesn’t understand the inclusion of plus-size with disabilities. I don’t want to come across in a derogatory way however I don’t believe being plus-size is a disability or a disadvantage.


See the images here:

To me placing a plus-size in this campaign only further shows that it is something that isn’t “normal” or isn’t socially acceptable, I understand the other argument that shows that the campaign featured, plus-size, disabled, black and models from other minorities and it did do a good job raising these profiles so I do see that it was necessary and effective. It goes along way in promoting body positivity and showing society that Plus-size isn’t always unhealthy or unfit you aren’t automatically unhealthy if you are bigger but before I ramble on much longer I will save the rest of my rant for another time ( it is possibly the focus for my dissertation next year)

To go back to the initial point of this post Nadia, she is an American blogger and model who’s blog has raised her to a level of fame which has seen her teaming up with Elle magazine for a model competition. She is my WCW because of her promotion of BP messages ( Body positive) she dresses how she wants and doesn’t let our sizest society dictate her clothing.

But anyways I feel liked I have ranted on for much to long and I will leave you with some beautiful images from her blog, if you haven’t already I strongly suggest that you take a peak you wont be sorry!

View her blog here:

nadiaaboulhosnpencilskirt_zps5e72cf41 DSC_02262_zpse8f5460d DSC_0823_zps2a893507 DSC_0411_zps61302d61 DSC_0180_zps82d9a633 DSC_0092_zps031dfc7b DSC_0061_zps8cacf911 DSC_0037_zpsf9de6aeb 1533263_10201919903011884_2055447329_n