Beauty Minute: Natural Collection Lipsticks

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So I decided to keep things short and sweet today, I wanted to talk to you guys about my latest beauty obsession, natural collection. I am still remembering being about 14 and using my pocket money to buy natural collection eyeliners and eye shadows because at the time it was all I could afford. Fast forward several years and I cant remember exactly who but I watched a video where someone was praising natural collections range of brown toned lipsticks and not being one to want to invest big money into beauty trends I thought these were the perfect way to do it.


The four colours I have picked up are:


Heather- a very shimmery light brown which when applied is more subtle a brown hue than the other colours.


Biscuit- a your lips but better light browny nude pink shade


Cedar-  a medium brown tone, great if you are a bit scared to go all out brown with your lip colour


Hazelnut- my personal favourite a very true orange tone brown shade which I love against my hair colour at the minute


Cedar on the lips 

Overall I am really impressed with these lip colours for the bargain price of £1.99 each they are a great way to try brown lipsticks without having to pay alot of money incase you don’t like the look on you. They are not the most long lasting colours however I put one coat of Lipcote over the top and they then last at least 6 hours or more without any fade or change in colour. I would definitely recommend that if you are wanting to try a brown tone colour.

Hope you guys found this a little bit helpful

Until  next time…T-J xo

Belfast Fashion Week S/S14: Day One and Two

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10008597_10202376832634839_1822619419_nLong time no speak, Life has completely taken over and I just don’t have a free minute anywhere. As a result my YouTube/ Blog has really suffered but I hope to get back on track in the next week or so, so please bear with of course as pictured above I couldn’t start off any post without a wee sneaky selfie with my backstage BFF’s Rosanna from Christopher and Scott, after all we are so manic that sometimes we need to just have a wee break.

This is my seventh season backstage and it also marks BFW tenth year. Day one this year was local designer night with a great mixture of established designers such as Una Rodden and Grainne Maher and new faces such as Gordan Donaldson and Julia Sokele.


Models in look one of the night.

This season I was once again paired up with the gorgeous Mairead, we had a lot of fun during the fittings , fittings are when you try everything for size and ensure that there are no issues going to arise during the show such as wrong sizes that need pinned etc.

1079499_10202366592058831_1732199571_n 1079205_10202366696941453_750092973_n

The Minnie mouse look from local boutique Diamond Dolls was definitely a favourite for us both but a special mention has to go to the drop dead stunning Blush bridal boutique Sequin number. Photos don’t do any justice to just how sparkly this dress is! Unfortunately I didn’t get many piccies on day one but I think day two I made up for it.

10147199_10202375288996249_643611934_o 10147397_10202376837794968_400676206_o

Above are the first looks from day two but lets go back a couple of hours, Day two was high-street which also brought with an Argento preview event which I was very kindly invited along to.


Fashion show director Cathy Martin with some of the models.

10008406_10202374770303282_864686743_n 10150022_10202374822904597_32528857_n 1533518_10202374840145028_2107926767_n 10002836_10202374818464486_2116131973_n 1579867_10202374828464736_25061525_n 1947512_10202374765343158_2047843570_n

The event was beautifully set up and all the jewellery looked amazing, if you are as much of a magpie as I am then you understand why I was so excited. I huge thank you to Ian from for being such a lovely host and also for giving us the lovely wee surprise, I got a beautiful necklace from the Karma range.

So once I left the world of sparkles and West Coast Cooler I went back to my day job so to speak to prepare for the show. Now I changed models for this night and I was actually part of the Male model team which I have never done before.


These are just a few of the boys, Connor and Piaras’s looks from the show.

10003350_10202375272875846_138962658_n 1508468_10202374888866246_402902815_n

The hair and make-up on day two was probably my favourite with a mix of glitter by the bucket load and colourful hair pieces.


so without making this post even longer I will end it now, I cannot wait for tonight because not only do we have renound make-up artist Paddy McGurgan creating amazing body painting looks but we also have the charity challenge featuring 10 local bloggers and stylists creating 10 looks in collaboration with local charity shops , all the looks are then available to buy after the show!

I will make a huge picture post when all three days are over ! xx

Make-up: Why I hate it and what I use

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When I was about 15 I discovered the YouTube beauty community, for the next couple of years I devoted my time, efforts and spare money ( I got a job at 16 to fund my habits) to amassing as much make up as I could possibly own. I work in a fashion retailer which requires me to have a different outfit each month as my uniform. I saw this as my opportunity to match my make up with the outfit, I have vivid nightmares about a green and blue maxi dress which I totally thought went perfectly with blue eyeshadow and green eyeliner MEGA CRINGE!

This went on till I was about 17 and kind of gave up with make-up spare cash now began to help enhance my shoe collection ( which is still growing to this day) At this point I discovered liquid eyeliner which has now become my signature, now I am still not great at matching my eyes but I have hooded eyes so only I notice if they are uneven. Ever since I have cut back my make-up collection, finishing up Urban decay eyeliners, throwing out sleek eye palettes and realising that I didn’t need to be collecting lipsticks that I would never actually wear.

Quick Rant:

I think today’s social media generation, specifically girls watching beauty YouTubers needs to be shown that there is more to life than having expensive make-up one quick YouTube search will call up alot of very young girls who have this perception that they need to be in a full face of make-up. For me up until about 16 I didn’t wear anything other than eyeshadows and mascara and of course a tonne of black eyeliner ( I was a scene kid at this time)


Yes this is indeed 15 year old me, oh dear lord. But going back to my point I YouTube searched a particular foundation range which has been very popular and I discover hundreds of videos of young girls with great skin applying heavy duty foundations because a certain Youtuber has done a review stating that they need this. It breaks my heart a little bit that these girls think that they need to use such expensive, heavy make-up in order to fit in but I think I will save the rest of this rant for a separate post I am planning.


Now at the age of 20 almost 21 ( 22nd March and I am terrified) make-up now for me is just as little as I can get away with. I will only put on make-up if I am going to work or college except for eyebrows, you know the way they say eyebrows are sisters not twins well my eyebrows are second cousins twice removed.  I have a bit of an obsession with highlighters which probably makes me look like a Christmas fairy most of the time but if I could share one thing I have learned:

Make-up is for Me , It is to make me happy I don’t wear it for others so If I want to be as glowy as a Mermaid that’s ok. If I want to make my eyebrows look like baby caterpillars this is also ok. If I want to leave the house blemishes showing with a bit of lip balm then this is also ok. I don’t need to care how others perceive me as long as I am happy. 

With that being said my most comfortable is with some foundation, eyeliner and highlighter and this is what I use:


My entire face in one image 🙂


Mum is a bit of a QVC addict and so through this we have both discovered Laura Geller so for my foundation I use a mix of Rimmel Match perfection ( one of the few true pale highstreet foundations) I then use a bit of the Laura Geller powder foundation to set my forehead and chin, or if I am being lazy I will only use the Laura Geller.

1964732_10202184748912866_1185486342_n 1961544_10202184745792788_1238379375_n

For blusher I don’t really use alot but I do use another Laura Geller product, Brulee apple blusher from their latest today’s special value from QVC. It is a mix of pink tones, brown tones and glowlyness which transforms into a lovely coral colour on my cheeks. I also use the French Vanilla highlighter from the first TSV Laura Geller set I got at Christmas. It has a bit of a yellow tone but on my skin it just gives a natural glowlyness.

1957467_10202184746952817_56634097_n 1922587_10202184746232799_800217110_n

Eyes are last and I usually begin by putting a light brown or pinky colour all over my eye to help the eyeliner stay in place. At the minute I love the seventeen cosmetics tattoo me eyeliner because once it is on that is it , it wont go anywhere unless I use a oil-based eye make-up remover. I love Rimmel pro eye brown pencils because like I said I have awful eyebrows that take alot of effort to tame and the pencil allows me to achieve this very quickly.

1927105_10202166056805575_240032915_n 1655004_10202154141067689_1732460567_n

And that’s it , I hope you can tell it never really looks like I am wearing alot of make-up but it is enough for me , I get up at six in the morning and spending hours getting ready isn’t an option.

I hope this post was interesting I am sorry it’s very long but I am going to start up a series for my mini rants so that they don’t take up so much room on other posts, if you would like this let me know and please if you have a topic or opinion on something that you want me to talk about let me know xx