STYLED: the definition of art

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“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.”
Banksy, Wall and Piece

Location: The MAC gallery / St Anne’s square


When I have a day off I love nothing more than going out and exploring. anyone who knows me in real life knows I cannot sit still and I defiantly don’t like to be doing nothing with my time so I decided to drag mum out and head down the the MAC. What I love about the MAC apart from the galleries within it is the location. It is my favorite part of Belfast because I could just spend hours walking around the streets looking at all the graffiti. I love spending any free time I can doing this and sometimes I even go into the MAC itself to see what exhibitions are currently running.



Something that has always appealed to me having spent the majority of my education focusing on art to some degree whether it was at GSCE or A level, an art foundation course or my Fashion degree is the definition of what we actually class as art.

I spent the day in a gallery and also in the biggest gallery of all, the streets. I have used graffiti in alot of projects so perhaps I do have a biased opinion because I love it so much but it is such a public way to access art, you just have to walk around and you will understand someones opinions, beliefs, loves and hates so directly. If it was up to me I would spend all my time walking, reading and learning how people feel.





Khaki Coat- Tesco

Pink high neck top- Primark

IRON MAIDEN top- Primark Mens

Ripped Boyfriend jeans- ASOS curve ( heavily customised by me!)

Tights- Primark

Black Brogues- Stradivarius

Backpack- Primark

Pom Poms keyrings – Stradivarius


Paris Trip // Part One // Overexposure

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The river beside Notre Dame



I am sure I mentioned at some point that in February just past I was heading to Paris for 3 days with my class to go and see Premier Vision, it was probably the most stressful/ crazy trips I have undertaken and it did take a while to recover, however I just today got my camera developed that I look with me. I bought one of Urban Outfitters fancy disposable cameras that usually cost £15 but I found one in the sale for a fiver back in January. I am not sure whether it was just because it was an old camera but the images did come out as I had hoped however I still really love the images for their somewhat overexposed light streaks and their double exposed images so I thought I would still share them. It puts my off investing in one of the disposables at full price because If I had spent £15 on it and it came out as mine did I would see myself complaining but as it was in the sale I don’t mind as much.


Le tour de Eiffel


Part 2



The Latin quarter


@ La Louvre




The shopping centre part of La Louvre


Palais du Louvre




Notre Dame




It defiantly puts me in the mood to do more disposable camera work, I think though the cost of developing each film puts me off so for the minute I just get my fix from looking at the work of my blogging buddy Megan over on VENT// Threads !

I plan on doing a couple of posts on my trip showing you guys the photos that I took, the next step is to use these images as inspiration for my next design project!

Until Next Time…T-J xox

Photography: Playing around with lens

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I have owned the Canon 1100d for around 2 years now, I even have a collection of lens ( 3 to be exact) a zoom one, the kit one and an up close a personal one but confession time, I still don’t really know how to use the camera. I am a pro on auto mode but haven’t yet ventured into manual mode. In my fashion art course I did do a bit of film photography and through this I learned a bit about using manual mode but its been some time since then and I haven’t really retained much of this information. I do plan to self teach myself the proper way to use it but I am so busy at the minute I just don’t have the time.

With college being so busy at the minute my stress levels are through the roof as for me nothing is better than taking a couple of hours to myself, usually this involves getting on my bike and taking myself to a local park or the ulster museum. On one such trip last week I decided to take along the camera and the macro lens, I went into the palm house to photograph and because of the heat the camera began to steam up but instead of this being an issue I used it to my advantage to create a series of dreamy, almost underwater looking images. I thought I would share a few with you today, if any of you guys are budding photographers let me know any tips or tricks that you have.

1502671_10202584530147147_2020115014392043366_o 1899537_10202584431744687_8575039192687307014_o 1911167_10202584471665685_7528589283319766671_o 1974356_10202584424264500_3418157307293421478_o 10256559_10202584542307451_5788592250395771419_o 10259157_10202584485746037_3908186642108240076_o 10295945_10202584542587458_2875017913855894291_o